Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sawdust Festival

To all my friends living in California, the Sawdust Festival starts this weekend November 21st. If you live here … if you’re visiting for the holidays… find your way there.

Go see him.

His name is Joshua. He is a bronze sculptor, an absolute, beautiful soul, and he’s my friend.

When you visit his website have your speakers on. Listen. You’re gonna fall in love with him I promise. And you’re gonna want one of his pieces. All the love he feels for the world is in them. And when it’s on your neck or wrapped around your waist, you can feel it. And because you like the feeling, you always want it on your body… which makes it conform to you even more. The longer you have it the more perfect it becomes.

This is what we need more of in the world. People that see the beauty all around, and not afraid to go deep within themselves to see what they can become. People that have found their passions and live them. You can feel Joshua’s fire in his pieces.

If you can't make the Sawdust, visit his website. Support him. He makes us all better.

I wish you an amazing festival Joshua !

The Sawdust is a great experience. You feel like you’re walking in the trees and I guess you are. You’re outside, the booths are built around the trees and you’re blanketed by leaves and branches overhead. The grounds are thick sawdust, and it feels like a big tree house filled with paintings and photographs, jewelry, glass sculptures, music and waterfalls.

And there’s food! My roommate Sallie is from Texas and recently began introducing California to the Southern fair delicacy – Funnel Cakes! She’s making her debut at the Sawdust! This is the time of year we all cheat anyway so just save a few calories to at least try one if you never have. And if you have, you may wanna give Sallie’s a go. They made the front page in Ventura County.

I won’t get a chance to go home for the holidays so I’ll use the space I was reserving for my mom’s sweet potato pie for one of Sallie’s funnel cakes.

I wish you an amazing festival Sallie !

Friday, November 6, 2009

This Made Me Cry...

Ok, I know, I'm a crybaby anyway but...

I just had to share this...

First, I apologize for the picture being so small. My computer was doing something insane and I couldn't edit the photo. But, in the center of the picture is a father and son. The little one was maybe 9 years old and daddy is teaching him how to surf!

I watched them for a while... dad would help him swim out and get him in good position to catch the next one. As the wave begins to build, dad swims with his arm extended to the back of the board, pushing his son into the surf. Who knows how many times they've done this but in and out they go.

I saw the little one jump on his board, after dad has pushed him off, and catch a long one. He even walked towards the front of his board just to milk out as much as possible. Impressive ! The wave dies and he turns around to look at his dad. It was a well deserved celebration! Even from the beach I can see an excited son and a proud dad. (In this photo he's on his own, about to jump up on his board).

I'm glad I was there... I'm better for seeing and feeling that... A father and son learning from each other. I was witnessing greatness. Whoever that little kid is ... he's a star!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

my sister... Patrice..

Yes, I'm awake at 1:49am...

I have two favorite times of day... now, at 1:50am and 6am...
... they both give me a rush !

...anyhoo, i look into my closet and see these beautiful, recycle bags i bought for Patrice's birthday.

i'm such an awful sister... i'm sorry Patrice...
she's finding out now what i bought her for her birthday and i'm embarrassed to say how late ! it is...

Patrice... they are coming and you will love them...


i see these fabulous bags and they make me think of my sister... Patrice !
...this chick is fabulous all the time. from the moment she wakes up ! she's beautiful... without even trying... she just is.

i look forward to the day when we are celebrating the creation of your own line... of anything beautiful. you have such an incredible eye Patrice. it.. is going to be... STELLAR !
a friend recently used that word and i like it .. it's perfect... thank you joshua...

... i know i don't know that many people, but off all the people i've ever come in close proximity to... my whole life... i don't know anyone AS fabulous as my sister..

you would have to merge them all together .. jackie O.. lena horne... halle berry..
and my sister still wouldn't be second.

She startles you because, 'damn, she's bad', and you want everything SHE's got... then she speaks and you're hit again with, 'ok.. and she's intelligent'.. now, you're helpless..

She's funny.. straightforward.. you love her, you hate her (for half a sec)... and then you love her, always...

She's a girly girl but will give it a try... maybe...

i'm not quite sure why i'm shouting to the world that i love my sister .. but i know i'm blessed to have a sister, and to have a GOOD sister...

Patrice is incredible... She has a talent .. for creating all things beautiful ... you'll meet her soon..