Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Ok... I'm officially determined to learn how to shimmy!

Last Friday I spent the evening mesmerized by the swirling circles of smoke, rich hued fabrics floating in the air, and snakes wrapped around beautifully shaped women who were proud to express their sensual, feminine selves. If you've ever seen these beautiful, oriental dancers, then you know they're not the ultra-thin, Barbie-doll, fantasy, make believe women. These girls have curves! And the beauty of it is... they love them and they know how to move them! I want that!

So... I did some research to find my class and I think I found the perfect instructor, the only thing is her new sessions don't begin until September. But I have a splendid filler... 'Shimmy' on the Fit TV network. It's a 30 minute show that takes you step by step and then pieces it all together. I love it!

In addition to it being fun, it's also a really great workout and brings your awareness to your whole body. I found the classes to be inexpensive, averaging about $60 for 6-8 sessions, but following along with the show is free... well, you do have to pay your cable or Direct TV bill but no extra fees on top of that.

I love dancing. It's just you and the rhythms and what you feel. I'm so looking forward to learning the 'Shimmy', the hip circles, the hip drops, moving my body like a bandy snake.

I'll be hitting Target this weekend to pick up a hula hoop to practice moving the hips (a suggestion from my girlfriend... good one missy!) All I need now is a bindi, some cymbals and it's 'Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop!'