Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Becoming The Stair Master...

Over my lifetime I've had three Personal Trainers and would always move through whatever paces they put me through without question or complaint. Alot of sweat, a few grunts, but never any complaint except when it came to the stairmaster. I DON'T LIKE THAT MACHINE! which my trainers immediately found out when they each told me to hop on. 'Did you just say no?' was typically the next thing they said. 'Yes, I just said no. I don't like that machine. It puts me in a pissy mood so it's best if I stay off. Otherwise, this is gonna be a wasted session!'

Why do I despise that machine so? It's tough no question. But I have an extremely hard time constantly pulling myself up to nowhere. Having to expend energy on talking myself through every step?? No thanks. 'Watch tv to take your mind off of it' they say. I don't watch television as I workout and I definitely don't want to take my mind off of it. Being aware of what my body is doing, feeling my strength, is actually kinda sexy to me. I won't dismiss myself just to walk on a stairmaster.

I don't get along with the machine but I'm surely a fan of the sculpted derriere. And to be completely honest, I've lost a bit of mine. My sister likes to say that I'm shaped like a fine white girl. Oh don't be offended. Of course there's nothing shabby about being a fine white girl but I'm not white and I do miss my booty so it's back to the stairs except this time... I AM the stairmaster!

I'm lucky enough the live next to a park with a nice set of wooden stairs. Most everyone knows I have back issues so I am extremely careful of the surfaces I workout on and the wooden stairs are soft so they have some bounce and give to them. Very back friendly. Being outside in a park setting is absolutely beautiful, and each step I climb actually gets me somewhere - to the top. Could just be a mental thing but hey, works for me.

And that's the point. Whatever works for you... do that!