Saturday, November 3, 2012

When You Need Something Done... it yourself or call the best!
Besides me, the greatest trainer I know, and truly trust my body with, is my best guy friend, Rae Siskind. Rae was my Personal Trainer in Atlanta and now that I'm here we hook up as often as possible. As I've shared with you already, I'm being led down sugary trails right now so in order to combat what could be a very hefty holiday season for me, I had to call in the big guns.
I never have to wonder if the workout will be a good one because like I said, Rae is definitely the A-list trainer. No matter how much of a celebrity I become, he will always be the only one I call. Because he knows my injuries and limitations, he's able to quickly adjust just in case something happens, which is not so far fetched when you're dealing with a back like mine - something can tweak at any time. I've dealt with other trainers before and they seem to be a bit gun shy with me even though they know I'm strong and can do, or at least will try anything. I always find myself asking them, 'ok, what's next?' and feeling totally unsatisfied. Rae doesn't baby me. If I say I'm good then we keep going.
I love his confidence and he pushes, pushes, pushes. I will be relying heavily on my friend this season because at the tender age of 42, sugar pockets just seem to hang around longer than they used to and I can not have that! As much as I love sweets, I don't want to look like I love sweets and there's only one way to ensure that doesn't happen... keep the sweat rolling your back!

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