Friday, November 6, 2009

This Made Me Cry...

Ok, I know, I'm a crybaby anyway but...

I just had to share this...

First, I apologize for the picture being so small. My computer was doing something insane and I couldn't edit the photo. But, in the center of the picture is a father and son. The little one was maybe 9 years old and daddy is teaching him how to surf!

I watched them for a while... dad would help him swim out and get him in good position to catch the next one. As the wave begins to build, dad swims with his arm extended to the back of the board, pushing his son into the surf. Who knows how many times they've done this but in and out they go.

I saw the little one jump on his board, after dad has pushed him off, and catch a long one. He even walked towards the front of his board just to milk out as much as possible. Impressive ! The wave dies and he turns around to look at his dad. It was a well deserved celebration! Even from the beach I can see an excited son and a proud dad. (In this photo he's on his own, about to jump up on his board).

I'm glad I was there... I'm better for seeing and feeling that... A father and son learning from each other. I was witnessing greatness. Whoever that little kid is ... he's a star!

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