Monday, July 4, 2011

Independence Day...

What better time to start my 40 Day Fortune Mantra since I am ready to be just that, independent.

Now, though it's called the 'fortune' mantra, you have to realize that fortune is not simply a category of money. Do I want more money? Uh... yeah. But I also want an insanely, magical relationship with a man that feeds me, blooming friendships, and a life that allows ME to take care of my family. So, in this time if re-invention, my yoga teacher gave me a set of kriyas, or chants, to help me create what I want.

There’s something deeper here than simply sitting on the floor, waving my hands in the air, and repeating OM until the Publisher’s Clearing House shows up at my door. This is about discipline and focus. Keeping what I want in the forefront of my thoughts, seeking advice from intelligent people, being willing to make necessary changes, and remaining in constant contact with God. It’s about relinquishing my pride-filled power to the one and only being that has the true power to accomplish incredible things. That one is God and that God is in me. I am simply seeking to become one with that creative energy.

Here we go. Day one...


  1. What an amazing read ! So inspiring . Now following xx Ava