Wednesday, July 13, 2011

It's Been 7 Days...

It’s been 7 days since I started my Fortune Mantra and quite a bit has happened.
One, I’ve had a few people ‘discover’ my blog and give me amazing feedback and encouragement. Thank you!

Two, I was recognized from one of my guest spots on E!, which I did over a year ago. I was having my morning tea at Peet’s when a woman walked up to me and called me by my name and said ‘thank you’. She told me she’d already implemented some of the health tips I shared and was looking forward to having her own ‘play dates’ with her friends which was something I spoke about. I’m sure I glided out of the coffee shop because that felt really good. Here’s the link if you’d like to watch.

Three, I decided to re-do my bedroom and in the process discovered two things. One, I love to paint and how perfect that right now Aaron Bros. is having their ‘buy one canvas get one for a penny’ sale. Let’s see what happens with a bottle of wine and some paint brushes. I’ll keep you posted.

The second discovery has to do with two pieces of artwork, each given to me by an artist friend. Howard Martin, gave me a piece entitled ‘Exhale’ in which you see a beautiful woman jumping, almost flying through the air with orange, gold, purple and white flames dancing around her. Howard uses a digital medium and then embellishes the pieces with paint. Leroy Campbell,, gave me a piece entitled ‘A Lot of Learning’ which depicts a woman standing over her students because he says he’s always seen me as a teacher. Mr. Campbell uses a three dimensional method by infusing his pieces with actual newspaper articles, stones, even pieces of quilt to tell his stories.

So in deciding to paint my room, I really focus on these two pieces and begin to notice all the similarities between them. The most noticeable being their primary colors are the same - oranges, golds, yellows. Then I realize that the floor in Howard’s piece is the exact same pattern & color as one of the girl’s dresses in Mr. Campbell’s piece. And lastly, there are purple flecks in the flames dancing around the woman in ‘Exhale’ that are a perfect match for the purple details in one of the student’s dresses. And that’s the color I chose as my accent wall. Purple – a beautiful, rich, dark plum purple which is known to stimulate intuition, to soothe, and to pamper. How befitting for my bedroom.

I’m not sure yet what it all means but I’m watching and I'm listening …

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