Thursday, May 24, 2012

It's my birthday... So what do I want?

I want women to see their bodies as the most incredible structure ever built.

Why is it that we marvel at the architecture and design of rock and glass but never at the architecture and design of our own selves? We are a wonder of engineering and far more complex and awe-inspiring than any man-made creation. Remember this - our building material, bone, is stronger yet lighter than steel, man's building material. Our living skeleton is a phenomenon of mechanical efficiency. And the beauty and strength of our construction lie not in one part, but in the harmonious integration which all the parts, soft and hard, rigid and flexible, tension bearing and pressure bearing, make up together.

Brilliantly engineered to distribute force, our skeleton not only bears the body's load and enables movement but also stores minerals, protects internal organs, and houses the main bloodworks.

There is a wonderful world living inside us and you shouldn't have to be a scientist to want to protect it.


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