Friday, June 1, 2012

Packing for the weekend....

This is how I pack for the weekend... A bag full of toys heading to the park to get in a great workout.

I'm an outside kinda girl, always have been so a lot of my workouts are done around my neighborhood, in the park across the street or at the kiddie playground not so far away. Not to say I never go to a gym, I work at Equinox so I live in one basically, but I need constant change and I gotta have my sunshine so what better thing than to constantly be on the lookout for a new spot to push myself.

It's summertime so there's no excuse about the weather. It's free so there's no excuse about it being affordable. I'm lucky enough to have a park close to me so I can simply walk across the street. But if that wasn't there, I pass at least five (that I can see) on my way to work. And that's going in one direction... there's multiple ways I could go. Sometimes I do it alone, sometimes I work out with a friend, sometimes I work out with a trainer, sometimes... sometimes... sometimes... I'm a Gemini what can I say??

Not sure what to do? I can help you. Take pictures of your yard, your neighborhood and send them to me. I'll come up with some fun stuff for you to do.

As our mother's used to say when we were bugging them - Go outside and play!
Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to send me pics!!

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  1. I could not AGREE MORE!!! I Love your Blog - it is consistently FUN, CARING and also always Professional and SMART ... I call most things Toys too because it's all about Play in my world - last year I got these cool Hiking Sticks/Poles and used them at the Beach - like ski-poles sorta ... and now am using Light but Weighted Gloves to Augment Walks ... also - there is a Weighted Vest one can buy at the Gaiam Catalogue which also augments by adding some weight ... I also feel it is CRUCIAL to tailor our workouts to our lives because the BEST WORKOUT is THE ONE I ACTUALLY DOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! :))) Happy Summer !