Saturday, October 3, 2009

Health Tip #1

In your travels this weekend stop by Target and pick up a jump rope. After you pay for it, don’t even bother with a bag. Drop it down inside that gigantic purse of yours or walk out the store with it proudly on display in your hands. And why are you so confidant? Because it’s a freakin’ jump rope and you can do this. Forget what you think you look like and start practicing. All that practice is exercise, exercise that burns calories, and burnt off calories equal looser waistbands.

You can do it in your garage, your backyard, your deck, your driveway. 30 minutes four times a week. That’s it. How much easier you want it? That five minutes it took you to get back in the groove doesn't count.

Commit to 4 days a week and there’s no way something good won’t happen. Tell me about it…

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