Saturday, October 10, 2009

Simple Health Tip #2

I'm constantly telling people how simple and inexpensive it is to stay fit. But for some reason, most want to make it more difficult that it is. Listen to me, please. It... doesn't... take... much! Unless your desire is to grace the stage of a fitness competition or to become an elite athlete, it... doesn't... take... much!

Since most of us simply want to be healthier, I have a simple plan that's easy to build on. We began last week, or I’ll say you should have begun last week with the purchase of your jump rope. Did you get yours? Yes? Good! No? Well, it’s called ‘catch up’ darling because now we’re adding a piece.

Each week I will give you a step. All you have to do is take it. The more you do your part, the more steps you take, the looser the waistline of your pants become.

So you have your jump rope, which is a simple way to get in some great cardio, and now we’re adding our next piece. Do you have a stability ball? Get one… Target…. $20.

Stability balls are perfect for keeping the midsection tight! Because it is a ball it’s a bit unstable and it’s that instability which makes it a perfect tool to get your abs to kick in gear. Your middle, your abs, your core, whatever you want to call it, help keep you balanced and upright. That’s they’re job. When you find yourself on an unstable surface or you’re about to fall, your abs kick in gear in order to bring you back to center. That’s what they do, with no help from you, that’s simply what they do. So if you can train on an unstable surface your abs have to tighten just to keep you upright. Make sense? Good. Now what to do with your ball…

Have a seat on the ball and walk your feet forward allowing the ball to roll underneath you until it’s in the small of your back. Don’t be afraid to fall off you’re only inches from the floor. Fold your arms over your chest and crunch. Breathe out as you crunch. Sound simple? Good ‘cause it kinda is. Don’t worry about a number just crunch until you can’t crunch anymore.

Last week you jumped rope. This week you jump rope and use your new toy to tighten your abs. It looks like this:
Quick jump rope warm-up – 5 minutes
Have a seat on the ball – crunch until you can’t
Now alternate 3 minutes of jump rope with crunches. Give yourself 45 minutes and you’re done.

Incorporate this into your week. 3 days… 45 minutes… Not a lot… Simple…

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