Sunday, August 12, 2012

Today was fantastic!

Today was fantastic! I started with a cleanse, a tomato facial mask. You can find tons of great recipes online for homemade facials but today I used Say Yes to Tomatoes and took full advantage of the fact I work at a really great gym, Equinox. I can use the sauna, steam room (my favorite!), Jacuzzi, rooftop sun deck, and pool. So I had a spa experience without the spa price. I went in, slathered my face with the tomato mask (I’m having issues with some breakouts and lycopene is a wonderful healer for this) and stretched out by the Jacuzzi which is nestled between the steam room and sauna so the area is warm and wet. I used this as my meditation time and I chose to focus on being grateful. Twenty minutes of giving thanks felt really good.
I hopped in the shower (which is stocked with Kiehl’s thank you), then got my day started. It was the end of a two-day continuing education class and much to everyone’s happiness, the instructor condensed a 5 hour day into 3 hours, still giving us all the information but by making it interactive and light, it was easier to absorb. Yes, I added this to my thank you list.
I’d already planned on walking the beach today and now I’m there early. Again, thank you!
The first three people I meet are beautiful older ladies with wonderful hats on. The ocean is providing a nice breeze but those sun rays are no joke. I thought for a quick second about the fact I didn’t have anything on my shoulders but we all know I get cold fast so soon and very soon I’ll be putting my jacket on anyway.
The next woman I meet is just as fantastic just sans hat. I told her she reminded me of someone I knew and we ended up walking along the beach together chatting. Shoshana, an older, exotic beauty from Israel who’d lived in New York for years and is now rooted in Santa Monica doing healing work from her heart,  We bonded over a few things, one of them being our love of romance. She, a young 61, and me, a young 42 both ready for our incredible men that have the balls to be passionate!
We exchanged numbers and I’ll be sure we see each other again.
On my walk back, someone, I could tell it was a little one, starting jogging right behind me. After a few minutes, I turned to see who it was and I see the most adorable little girl who couldn’t have been more than 7. I said, ‘Hello. And who are you?’
‘Anushka’, she said.
She had a head full of the thickest, blackest, shiniest hair with the most adorable haircut. She runs over to the nearby rose garden and starts to smell all of them. I now notice that she’s with her mother so I introduce myself and reach out to shake her hand but she doesn’t extend hers and I realize that her hand isn’t like mine. The muscles in it don’t work and the fingers are pursed together, almost like a stroke victim but she didn’t look as if she’d had a stroke. Thank you for my health! We chat for a second then I walk over to Anushka whose still smelling roses and we begin to compare. Some are very sweet and then she takes me to her favorite. ‘This one smells clean’, she says and begins gathering the petals that dropped around it. When I asked what she was going to do with them she said, ‘make rose water!’ Anushka and I bonded over her cute little haircut and her love of rose water and her mother and I bonded over the simplicity of, and my appreciation for, Ms. Anushka.
Today was a good day! I chatted with some fabulous, older ladies, exchanged numbers with a couple of them, and met an energetic little girl that literally made me stop and smell the roses.
I’m looking forward to a peaceful night’s sleep filled with visions and dreams and starting my tomorrow with the energy of Anushka to manifest those dreams… Thank you!

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