Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ummm... Sugarrr...

I am an admitted chocoholic. I wake up to find little packages at my door from my neighbor (or I did before I moved). Even my clients bring it to me. The only time I say no to chocolate is if there’s coconut in the mix. But then again, I recently had some coconut that I liked.

Yes, I have a problem. This became quite evident to me when I recently woke to find it smeared all over my bed. This is rated G, I promise. Apparently, I fell asleep eating Powerberries which are these little tart, sweet, fruit chewys covered in dark chocolate from Trader Joe's. Yea, ridiculous! The next morning I pull back the sheets to make the bed and there’s chocolate everywhere! I guess I dropped a few as I slipped into my happy chocolate sleep.

Now my favorite time of year is here – the season of TREATS!! Halloween parties begin this weekend and there will be candy around for weeks to come. Thirty days after hanging up the Catwoman costume is Thanksgiving. Cakes, pies, and candied yams, yes ma’am! But the last thirty days are a god send with someone having a party almost every single day which means more cakes, pies, and candied yams! Whew…

For the next two months, sugar is king. No matter where you go there will be treats and if you’re like me, it’s impossible to say no. I plan on enjoying this holiday like I always do but this time around I'm staying physically active. Yes, my workouts suffer in the winter too but I'm 42 years old now and things don't respond the way they used to. I will enjoy my sweet season but I promise myself that I will not gain any weight nor will I lose any muscle (the result of not working out).

Who wants to take this challenge with me? When January rolls around and everyone else is writing their New Year's resolution, of which losing weight is ALWAYS one, you and I will be ahead of the game because we got a jump on the holidays.

Go to my Facebook page and send me a message. We'll build a community to help us all through the holidays. There will be tips and support and recipe ideas for healthy versions of our favorite sinful delights.

Now that's a pretty good gift...

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