Wednesday, August 10, 2011

One piece of red snapper... two great plates!

Today I made a sandwich with the second half of the red snapper I cooked last night. (A Perfect Summer Plate post) Yeah, you might want to try this one. Incredible! The lemon and garlic and leeks had married into the fish and each other just a bit more overnight and made for really great flavors in every single bite. Oh, I rhymed!

I drizzled a pan with olive oil to reheat my fish. I always use a stove top to reheat. Personally, I don't like microwaves. They dry your food out and the food doesn't retain the heat as long. I used naan for my bread which I toasted. I like having the soft and the crunch, then I don't have to have chips! See, you gotta think all the time. A little bit of mustard, tomato & avocado, both seasoned with sea salt & cracked pepper, about three large beet leaves that I threw into the pan while the fish was warming, just to soften the veins a bit. (I bought beets on my last trip to the farmer's market)

I made a small salad with purple bibb lettuce, avocado, and cucumbers. The avocado puts a wonderful oil in the salad so I just squeeze some lemon on top and it's perfect. A couple slices of an heirloom tomato and I'm done.

How much more simple can you get.

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  1. Wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing, Candace! You make my day!